C O M M U N I T Y   H E A L T H   C A R E   L O G B O O K



  • Because of their lifestyle and the lack of aftercare housing, few of the men are able to comply with the prescribed dosages or required follow-up, or adhere to the recommended treatment.
  • The examinations conducted by our clinical team reveal that 51% of the men enrolled in our social reintegration programs in 2013-2014 had a physical health issue and 39.6%, a mental health issue. Stabilizing our participants’ physical and/or mental health is a key element in their reintegration process and in achieving their goals.
  • The convalescent wing recorded 2,086 bed-nights last year. Its occupancy rate was 91% during the cold weather.
  • The presence of nursing staff able to make a more precise assessment of our users’ health has allowed the Maison du Père to strengthen ties, or even forge new ones, with health professionals. Our users consequently have easier access to the resources they need because they receive referrals and follow-up that guide them through the maze of the health network.
  • A final, key factor is the work done by the Maison du Père front-line staff in helping the men who turn to them in order to renew or retrieve their health insurance cards so that they can benefit from the care provided within the health network and from free medications.




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