I N - H O M E   A S S I S T A N C E
A N D   S O C I A L   S U P P O R T

The Maison du Père has 20 studio apartments with community support, which it makes available to men who have completed their social reintegration program. Participants no longer have access to the Maison’s day-to-day services (cafeteria, laundry, etc.), however, because the goal is for them to develop more autonomy and self-confidence in order to gain access, in the near future, to housing outside the Maison du Père.

Each studio contains a kitchenette and private bathroom. Trustee service remains mandatory. A front-line staff member makes daily visits to attend to each of the men and support them as they work toward taking on greater responsibility. Among the services provided, we also help the men manage their medications and accompany them to appointments with health professionals. They are offered many social activities as well, including community suppers and kitchen. The monthly cost is based on individual income.


We also offer in-home assistance for men living in rooms or apartments outside the Maison du Père. This service is free of charge but trustee service is mandatory. Our front-line staff is there to help these men¾who are often grappling with addiction and/or physical or mental health issues¾maintain some sort of balance so that they don’t find themselves back on the street. The number of front-line staff visits and the support services provided vary with each individual’s needs.

These services are also offered to participants who have completed the Maison du Père’s social reintegration program but who want to maintain a reassuring link with their front-line staff members.

You can reach the In-Home Assistance team by dialling 514 845-0168, ext. 302 or by e-mail: acc.social@maisondupere.org





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