M A I S O N   W O L F E ,   M E N ' S   R O O M I N G   H O U S E

In 2014, the Maison du Père entered into a partnership with the Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal (OMHM) for the purchase and management of a building of rental units - a first in Québec. This partnership was formed to prevent a 56-unit rooming house from being converted to condos and thereby further reducing the number of public housing units available in Montréal.

The OMHM owns the building, while the Maison du Père is responsible for managing it and supervising its new residents. The new occupants are selected by the Maison du Père and are able to benefit from Québec’s Accès-logis program, which ensures an affordable rent based on each individual’s income.

For most of the new residents, this rooming house forms part of a logical progression in their social reintegration process. After a period of reflection and stabilization in our Intake and Integration units, a few months’ stay in a Transition room allowing them to reorganize their lives, 



then time learning to be self-sufficient again by living in the one of the Maison du Père’s studio apartments, participants now have the opportunity of obtaining one of these affordable units so that they can continue their reintegration in a safe, healthy environment.  

While the tenants at Maison Wolfe must demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to live alone, some of them need a certain amount of supervision to avoid falling back into homelessness. That is why the Maison du Père’s front-line staff maintain a  presence to make sure the Maison Wolfe tenants keep up good living habits. The staff are there to listen to them, as well as to facilitate the steps they take with various authorities (health, social,  legal, etc.). They also intervene in crisis situations and manage any disputes between tenants to maintain calm in the building. Residents may receive trustee service and participate in the Maison’s social activities if they so desire.





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