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The Maison du Père works closely with a number of organizations, such as the Quartier international de Montréal and the Plaza St-Hubert Société de développement commercial, to allow men who so desire and who are physically and psychologically capable to gain work experience. In that same spirit, it has also developed alliances with the private sector, including  RCI Environnement and Modus Operandi Logistiques.

Finally, it has enabled many of the men it guides through the social reintegration process to benefit from internships in the various support services at the Maison du Père (kitchen, maintenance, clothing depot) through the PAAS program of Québec’s Ministère de la Santé et des services sociaux.  Under this program, participants receive an additional support allowance while also re-entering the workforce and making social and personal progress. 




Most of the men who stay for a night at the Shelter leave right after breakfast. However, around 20 of them can also receive lunch by volunteering to carry out daily chores at the Maison, including making the beds, washing the floors and cleaning the bathrooms.

Also working on these maintenance teams are men required to perform a certain number of hours of compensatory service in lieu of fines or light prison sentences.

This work is carried out in disciplined fashion, with emphasis on respect, reliability and a job well done. Volunteer participation by these men is both essential to the smooth running of the Maison and beneficial to the men involved. For them, it provides a first step in their rebuilding process by adopting healthy life and work practices.



Thanks to the assistance and expertise of SARCA*  advisors, participants in the Maison du Père’s social reintegration program can draw up a training project and an action plan for going back to school. Throughout their project, they receive the support and information they need to achieve their goal: assessment and recognition of educational background, examinations, vocational guidance and individual counselling. These services are offered jointly by the Réseau de la formation générale des adultes and the Réseau de la formation professionnelle.


* SARCA brings together leaders in the various school boards, which are supporting the adult, registered or not in general education or vocational training, in his approach of making a career or training.



In collaboration with the Clinique Droits Devant, the Maison du Père is able to offer legal assistance to the men enrolled in its social reintegration program. It helps them understand their legal situation and supports them in steps they take to sort it out by reaching agreements for compensatory service or payment.

For victims of police abuse who wish to file a complaint, we help them throughout the police ethics process.



Banking service, polling station for municipal and federal elections, vaccination clinic, HIV screening for treatment purposes, tax return preparation, foot care, barber service, etc.






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